3R / Remsa

Noviembre 1999

3R Group offers integral automotive solutions and it is formed by two companies: Tres Erres S.A. the leading auto repair company in Costa Rica for industrial and commercial vehicles and  REM S.A, that sells tools and other supplies and provides support to those vehicles repairing companies.

With SAP Business One y DMS One, they not only optimize the management of each of the companies, but they also have a better control of the group's results, guaranteeing a service of the highest quality.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

•Great opportunities for keep growing and expanding the business
•Keep a high quality service level
•Expand to other countries

Why SAP and Partner

•SCG perfectly understand the customer’s specific needs having experience in the automotive industry and they provide an specific software extensive tool.
•SCG and SAP Business One have presence and experience in other countries
•SAP Business One is a robust, reliable, truthful and online platform and, at the same time, it is flexible

After: Value-Driven Results

•REM,S.A. has already presence in other countries.  With the support of SCG and having SAP Business One allow them to continue opening new stores, without any problem from the management point.