Autos Xiri S.A.

Industry: Auto
Solution: DMS

Febrero 2015

Since its origins in 1947 Autos Xiri hadn’t experienced any drastic structural change; that is until 1999 when Project Peugeot changed the company’s entire framework. This project required changing the company’s culture and adjusting various aspects of workflow, management and other related aspects, like preparing a showroom for 50 vehicles, build a warehouse for spare-parts, expand and renew their workshop with specific spare-parts, as well as hire a better sales team and improve the efficiency of their customer service team.


Efraín Xirinach and his two sons, Efraín and Ronald, dedicated all their effort in making this company reach a new plane of existence, and it happened mainly because of their knowledge and passion for automobiles. As of today they are the main directors, with Efraín Xirinach being the president of Autos Xiri and Ronald Xirinach being the president of Reencauchadora Gigante, S.A., sister company of Autos Xiri – which has one of the largest commercial networks of tires, retreads and automobile services in Costa Rica.


The project to reintroduce Peugeot became the keystone for Autos Xiri’s growth, and today they focus their efforts in modernizing and growing the company to continue providing a high quality service capable of meeting Mr.  Xirinach’s original standard when he founded the company and served clients personally, while working with the technological requirements of a dealership of this size – 50 employees and two branches.