Customer Service

Value-Added Services

•Support provided by SCG for issues taking place in the vicinity of its offices – 8am to 5pm
•Worldwide support by SAP 24/7
•New versions of the product (it will never become obsolete)
•Response time according to the severity of the issue and how this affects your business.
•Direct relationship with SAP as part of being a responsible partner towards its clients.



•Sistem usability audits.
•Reports and dashboards creating with SAP Crystal Reports, Crystal Dashboards and SAP Lumira tools.
•Generic or specialized training.
•Processes analytics and improvements.
•Workflow tools, authorization procedures and automatization to improve processes.




•Servers management in case clients don't count with their own.
•Identify infrastructure requirements for SAP software and additional recommendations.
•Servers infrastructure analysis according to SAP's requirements.
•SAP and clients servers installation.
•Optimization routines on servers for database maintenance.