Automotive industry management system

DMS One is a management solution we developed for the automotive industry due to an increase in the amount of dealers, paint and bodywork workshops, regular workshops and fleet maintenance businesses wanting to implement SAP Business One in their businesses, but due to obvious reasons, required additional functionality.


Before moving on it’s important to leave it clear that this is a very flexible solution, being able to satisfy the needs of small, midsize or large enterprises with a very reasonable cost. We tend to customers with just 3 users (your average workshop) like Cori Motors, while others have tens or hundreds of users – examples of these include 3R ( who has dozens of users, and Salazar Israel ( with hundreds of active users.


In other words, don’t think that size is an impediment.


Having said that, let’s move on with a basic overview of the software before delving into specific examples on how the sistem takes care of the needs catered by the different types of businesses within the automotive industry (dealers, workshops, fleets).


Our software is a complete solution for enterprises working in the automotive industry, it includes accounting, CRM, sales + vehicles pricing, production, purchases, inventory, post-sale and business intelligence modules – not all businesses require all modules, so it’s possible to set up only those which will be needed. However, its real power and value lies in the simplicity of the interface and how it integrates everything below the hood. This happens when you combine the functionality provided by DMS One with SAP Business One; you get a unique tool, one capable of revolutionizing the automotive industry for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) – which is why we continue expanding our global reach.


Now let’s dig deeper and find out what will our dms automotive software do for you, your team and your business.



Consider a pretty common scenario on which you have several units that are pretty much identical one from the other, but due to several reasons one incurred in additional costs. To make things slightly more complicated, you received a vehicle from a client as part of the payment for that particular unit.


Although a single case can be easily controlled, dealing with tens or hundreds of similar cases each month is complicated without a strict control.


That’s why DMS One is ideal for any automotive dealer. From the moment you make a purchase, to the moment you sell that unit, it’s tracked by our system. All the heavy lifting is done by the system, you only need to take care of inserting the information when required; and you can’t forget about the post-sale process either, moment when you’ll continue using the customer relationship management (CRM) and workshop management modules.



Despite the fact that dealers require all the functions provided by DMS One, workshops don’t, so it is completely feasible to leave certain modules out in order to include only those which will be needed for your business.


The main problem workshops face is controlling staff’s time, we all know that, and that’s why our software tackles this issue with a simple to use, but powerful system.


When you install DMS One in your business you’ll find that the “time control” tool allows you to have your staff tell you what they are doing by using a simple interface designed to accelerate the process for mechanics – thought to work with touchscreens to make it more agile as well – while the rest of the software takes care of synching all the data, maintaining records and controlling tasks by allotted time, mechanic or status, thus, providing you with the necessary information to take proper actions that increase profits and reduce costs.


But don’t limit yourself to such a narrow idea; you’ll be able to do much more than just that. For example, because all modules are naturally integrated with one another, you can easily tell what was the previous job done on a certain vehicle, the customer’s satisfaction level and if he’s a spender or always looking for deals; meaning a much more personalized attention which helps you keep a loyal clientele coming back for your services.


Paint & Bodywork Workshops

We’re conscious that paint & bodywork shops need to be able to control certain additional aspects which aren’t part of a regular workshop, and that’s why you’ll be able to implement a strict workflow while controlling other important aspects, like everything related to insurance companies.


Fleet Maintenance

Last but not least are the fleet maintenance businesses. Whether you’re tending to your own fleet or a third party, our solution has got you covered.


Just like with workshops, timing is the main concern here, but once you start using DMS One you won’t worry about it anymore.


You’ll profit vastly once you start using our system, not because of some voodoo magic, but thanks to the fact that you’ll increase performance, reduce costs and control the time spent by your staff.


Time is money, so stop delaying it and contact us


License Plates Management

  • Registration process monitoring

* Funding

  • Reports
  • Payment plan
  • Loan control
  • Accounting
  • Monthly payments management

* Time Control

  • Touch-screen functionality
  • Bar code management
  • Activities control sorted by work order
  • Management module to control all work orders

Vehicle Costing

  • Inventory revaluation
  • Incoming and outgoing vehicle merchandize
  • Costs transactions - purchase invoices, accounting entries and manuals


  • Vehicle inventory
  • Vehicle and sales contracts
  • Approval process for sales contracts
  • Digital files and images control per sales contract

* Web application

  • IT consultation
  • Appointment requests
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Post-sale service dashboard
  • Work orders dashboard
  • Sales vs budgets dashboard

Vehicles Master Data

  • Vehicle specifications
  • Vehicle reserves data
  • Vehicle's components and accessories
  • Control digital files and images per vehicle
  • Inventory upload and synchronization from MS Excel


  • Appointments list
  • Work orders
  • Costs reports
  • Units per technician
  • Delivery fulfillment
  • Work orders by job type
  • Current work orders balance sheet
  • Service assessor visits
  • Balance per sales contract
  • Item list by work order
  • Vehicle history brief
  • Standard hours per job and real time

Post-sales Service

  • Supplies
  • Spare parts
  • Normal invoicing
  • Internal invoicing
  • Labor services
  • Work orders control
  • Work order purchases control
  • Establishment's physical capacity in use
  • Special orders processing
  • Outsourced services
  • Other work order related expenses
  • Work order yield
  • Special orders follow-up
  • Work orders invoicing ordered by type
  • Digital files and images control per work order
  • Staff control (task distribution)
* Not included in the basic version. These present an additional licensing cost.

• This solution will integrate all your management, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), sales, purchases, banking, inventory, costs, port-sales services, business intelligence and movility within a single easy-to-use tool.


• Integrated with SAP Business One, a worldwide renowned ERP.


• Helps you to reduce costs, and software updates don't have a cost.


• It's designed as a "pay as you grow" solution to support small and midsize enterprises (SMEs).


• Improve your relationship with clients thanks to the set of applications available within DMS One that will allow you to access detailed information quickly, as well as mantain follow-up records.


• This software is capable of setting up approval and other types of alarms that allow you to control important while mantaining an ordered working structure.


• Local support available through a worldwide network of SAP partners.


• Your business's efficiency will improve.