Hospital One

Hospital software - Information System

hospital-one-out-old-in-newHospitals and clinics are supposed to be establishments to treat the ill and engage in other health related activities, yet, in many cases company policies, as well as inadequate control systems, take away valuable time from the staff.


Also, because doing things the old fashioned way is less effective and efficient, severe consequences may take place because of not accepting the need for a new way to do things.


Picture a pretty common scenario where you receive a patient with an aortic dissection during the night shift.


With a very limited timeframe to save the patient’s life it’s vital to be able to contact all medics in duty simultaneously and immediately, besides, notifying the other doctors when one accepts the emergency is important to avoid all of them going to the same place and ignoring other cases.


If the hospital doesn’t have a reliable system that allows to quickly control this kind of situations, the time needed to find someone that’s available, plus the time needed for the doctor to arrive where the patient is, might be more that there’s available.


Of course, this is just a pretty normal case that almost any medic knows can happen, and one which could happen much less frequently, maybe even avoided almost completely, when counting with a high performance hospital software.


As if that wasn’t enough, a hospital software like Hospital One offers quite a few additional advantages for the user; for example, pretty much any hospital software will allow the user to take notes and store them in the system – which reduces paperwork, time required to process data, and ensures easy access to such information – but Hospital One takes it to the next level by allowing you to customize the available templates to optimize the workflow.


We have developed Hospital One after meticulously studying and taking into account the needs of several hospitals and clinics, and it’s due to this simple reason that we can ensure that we’re providing an excellent hospital software that is bound to solve your needs.


This hospital software is capable of integrating with medical devices through messages and images following the HL7 and DICOM standards, allows for personalized clinical records, inter-hospital consultation, the capacity to integrate applications developed by Dexterity or others, among many other benefits.


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Main Functions

  • Define approval workflow for important documents.
  • Extract data without having to generate too many reports. Allows to navigate over data and export it.
  • Capable of integrating to Crystal Reports.
  • Multiple filters by element or multiple choice, patterns - like, starts with, ends with - etc...
  • Date links to present large lists comfortably, similar to the "Choose From" of SAP Business One.
  • Access more information through any data available, similar to SIEBEL's functionality.
  • Easily incorporates documents of any kind, like manuals and photos. These documents can be stored directly in the database or in a shared folder within another server.
  • Define each step of processes that help the user take care of a repetitive task.
  • Interhospital consultation module that allows the integration of hospital networks where each hospital is managed independently but patients are transferred between locations to distribute the staff's efforts, but always reporting to the patient's base hospital.

• Extremely comfortable look and feel.

Date links to present large lists comfortably, similar to the  "Choose From" of SAP Business One.


• Manage large amounts of entries.

Eficient even whith tables containing millions of entries.


• Based on standards

Follows W3C and XML standards, as well as an HTML5 structure, allowing this platform to be compatible with multiple mobile devices like Microsoft Windows RT & Pro, Google Android Nexus devices, Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Mac OS X and Linux.


• Export data in multiple formats.

PDF, Word, Excel and TIFF. You can also opt to export "live Excel documents" which are capable of updating data by establishing a connection with the web application.


• Structures based on Meta Data.

Simplifies the process of expanding your data model from the administration module; which makes it a very flexible solution.


Some other benefits are:

- Based on a platform that follows the best business practices. 
- It's possible to customize it according to your needs, thus, making it feel as if it is a custom-made solution.
- Integration with medical devices through messages and images following HL7 and DICOM standards.
- Platform stability.
- Best price on the market for a Hospital Information System (HIS), specially one that integrates with a worldwide renown ERP 
- Capable of functioning with SAP Business One and SAP ERP Business Suite, allowing you to avoid worrying about having to change systems when expanding the business.
- Works with both HANA and SQL Server.
- Quick implementation.
- Low operation cost.
- Customizable clinical files.
- The sistem can be customized by the final user through the metadata module, entry points or integration tools like Hospital One Vertical Integration Service.
- Hospital One Vertical Integration Service allows the integration of other applications like Dexterity and other third parties. 
- And many more...