Business intelligence is essential for any enterprise looking to prosper. Analyzing data from multiple data sources is not optional when you’re looking to improve your business, that’s why Lumira is a must-have for enterprises.



“In today’s fast-paced environment, taking full advantage of massive amounts of data available to businesses is a prerequisite for success. You need to gather and quickly make sense of all data – large and small, in diverse forms, and on multiple platforms. This means going beyond spreadsheets and basic reports and moving to a fast, engaging, and visual way of presenting data.

What if you could pull data directly from your enterprise and personal sources, bringing them together in a repeatable, easily understood way without having to ask for help from IT?


Just think if you could “point and click” to manipulate data, organizing and consolidating it the way you want it without a single line of code or an additional modeling layer.


You can do all this and more with SAP® Lumira™ software. This breakthrough solution redefines the notion of self-service information by giving you direct connectivity to enterprise data in relational databases, SAP BusinessObjects™ or SAP Crystal Server software semantic layers (universes), and personal data sources such as spreadsheets. By combining data from different sources and lines of business into a single view, you can answer questions quickly, without depending on IT. And when you connect to the SAP HANA® platform, answers buried in massive amounts of data appear as quickly as you process thoughts.”


If you've made it this far is because you understand the importance of understanding your situation to improve processes and focus resources, something that many fail to comprehend. That's also the reason why you have already gained an advantage over most competitors.


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  • Access and acquire data without scripting
  • Combine and transform enterprise and personal data sources in a repeatable, self-service way
  • Create beautiful graphics and visualizations to convey and share knowledge
  • Get accurate, real-time answers from any volume of data
  • Deliver faster time to insight in a repeatable, self-service way
  • Maximize business knowledge with big-picture insights and granular details
  • Increase self-service data usage without adding to your IT department's workload
  • Visualize any amount of data in real time