Melodía Importaciones

Industry: Health
Solution: sapbusinessone

Diciembre 2014

Melodía Importaciones had the desire to obtain and maintain the leadership on the retail of medical equipment business since the beginning. In order to achieve this, it´s been necessary to maintain a human touch and tunnel vision every day. However, their directive knew that in order to maintain their technological edge they would need a new system – at the time they were using software developed in-house and was no longer keeping up with their needs.


Just like every health-related diagnostic, as well as a company’s performance diagnostic, is determined via symptoms, Melodía Importaciones started to show clear signs that change could no longer wait. It was necessary to give a step forward and acquire the right system to solve their current needs, as well as set a technological foundation for a better future.


After taking the decision of making such a massive change, they analyzed carefully four different software providers and each company’s vital signs. They invested quite some time to see which of these would adjust better to their needs.


The process was – as stated by Mr. Harry Barrantes – “painful”, as they had to repeat it several times with multiple providers, which consumed a lot of time, “but it was worth it!”


Derived from a thorough financial analysis, the obvious option was SAP®.


SAP® Business One 9.0 was the system that was going to solve all their vulnerabilities, but also, the system’s functionality was completely aligned with their objectives and vision. A decisive factor ended up being the proposed implementation time, as SAP® and SCG promised to deliver within the required timeframe.


SAP® Business One adjusted to the company precisely as needed for everyday operations. Thanks to SAP® Business One, Melodía Importaciones may now trust its processes to be impeccable, thus, allowing them to focus their energies on attracting new customers – which is essential for profitable growth.