NAMU Travel Group

Industry: Retail
Solution: RMS

Febrero 2014

In NAMU Travel Group they consider knowledge and comprehension of the situation by the partner in charge to have been the vital elements for a successful implementation. The company already knew what it needed, and SCG understood those requirements perfectly, presenting a customized solution for NAMU Travel Group. SCG took its time to study the business and how its management process works.


Besides, in NAMU Travel Group they saw how SCG harnessed a vast amount of knowledge regarding the industry, but more importantly, they were completely committed in automating tasks that consumed a lot of time before the system was in place.


Just a few days after going live, NAMU travel Group was already enjoying the benefits of counting with SAP® Business One.


• They have been able to save between $25,000 and $30,000 USD thanks to saving time in menial tasks, time which they now use in controlling and analyzing information.

• The mood within the premises improved as its staff started feeling satisfied knowing that they are working with a world-renowned solution.

• Now they are capable of managing their account statements each month through automatized processes.

• The information has been integrated perfectly, providing them with precise information for better decisions.

• The productivity improved for the entire company.

• Precise real-time data.