Payroll One

Our payroll software for small businesses has been designed out of a need percieved in many small companies that are looking to start with SAP Business One but don’t have a payroll system in place – or need to change it for any given reason.


Although we define it as payroll software for small businesses, it can be used by midsize enterprises as well.


Our software simplifies the management of different types of payrolls (adjustable), including weekly, biweekly, monthly, monthly with advances, commissions and confidential payrolls among others.


Payroll One is not your average payroll software for small businesses; the system allows users to preconfigure income tax, social security and other types of retentions – required by law or not – thus, taking care of such calculations when needed, and it also helps control deductions and voluntary income like savings, loans, vouchers and advances among others.


As if that wasn’t enough for payroll software for small businesses, this solution also has the advantage of being able to work on its own or be integrated into SAP Business One, which allows accounting entries to be generated automatically – besides other additional benefits.


If you’re interesting in knowing more about this solution, or purchasing it, call us now at +506 2258-48-97.


  • Generate and apply payroll
  • manage staff's information
  • Manage transactions; view deductions and additional income to salary of employee or reserves
  • Report generation
  • Manage positions and tasks
  • Disabilities
  • Suspensions
  • Shifts
  • Settlements
  • Roster types (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc...)
  • Vacations control
  • Transactions per employee
  • Calculation and payment of extra hours
  • Holidays configuration
  • Specific transactions (retroactive, disabilities, seizures, etc...)
  • Specific processes (time controls, transfers, etc...)
  • Multi-company
  • Highly configurable


  • Transactions per employee
  • Payment proof
  • Issue checks
  • Payroll details and summaries
  • Incomes and deductibles
  • Extra hours
  • Associations deductables
  • Payment seats
  • Reports required by law

• Integrated control of payrolls and rosters.

• Manage multiple formats of rosters and payrolls.

• Solution is integrated to a worldwide renown ERP for SMEs, SAP Business One.

• Accounting entries are generated automatically at every roster's or payroll's closure.