Pazos y Pérez

Industry: Retail
Solution: RMS

Abril 2015

In Pazos y Pérez Vidrios El Mundo they know that all construction projects require a solid base, and they were about to begin a project that would mark a crucial stage for their company’s future; the growth stage. In those moments they were working with MSCI, a not so versatile system that was lacking in almost every aspect for the companies amplified needs; that’s when they decided to look for new software, one capable of bringing the exact information regarding sales per product per client and by sales personnel. This meant buying a software capable of organizing and offering a better integration between sources and processing data regarding products rotation and accounting in a flash.


Besides, this system didn’t count with new versions or updates, which made us feel as though it was going to become stagnant, technology-wise.


The objectives were to collect the largest amount of data conceivable as fast as possible about the business, as well as a platform that helped them define costs in order to take better decisions.


It was very important to find out which products were the ones that had a higher rotation and which customers were consuming them. On the other hand, their finances was also important as they needed to increase its efficiency and have it up to date. Their objectives were clear; what was still in doubt was which system would provide the best foundation.


After evaluating several management systems on the market, their final decision was to go for SAP® Business One. There are two main reasons for having chosen this platform, one being the reputation behind the system´s brand, which guaranteed this was a solid decision both because of the system´s functionality as well as the experience on the market that SAP® offers.


The other reason was the interest and guidance by SCG, which clicked with the company´s team since day one. This partner demonstrated complete interest and took the time to study the needs of the company in order to boost their growth


Despite the fact that they weren’t prepared for such a robust system, and training has been exhausting and challenging, the versatility offered by SAP® Business One has allowed them to benefit in many ways:


• It’s so versatile that they have been able to do much more than they expected

• Information is updated and accessed in real-time

• It’s very simple to introduce new formulas and keep old ones up to date through the system

• It’s easier to ask for quotes

• Much less time is consumed in menial tasks

• Improved rotation of inventories

• Much better control of expired portfolio

• ROI is taking place as estimated