Retail One

Retail ERP System

Retail-One-interpretationAll businesses need to be careful how they invest their money, but this rings especially true for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), for it could be the difference between increasing revenue and going broke; knowing this we have carefully crafted our retail erp system in such a way that it will help your business maximize profits and achieve a quick return over investment (ROI).


If your business is currently losing money due to a lack of control between departments, lost items, unauthorized discounts, inventory costs, or similar issues that are common among retailers, a retail management system combined with an enterprise resource planning (erp) program is what you need.


All retail erps are designed to help a business manage the specific needs of the retail industry, which means managing the data from various sales points, inventory, purchases and customer relationships, among other basic management capacities.


With quite a few options on the market for SMEs, the problem when purchasing a retail erp is not the price, but finding one that delivers at an acceptable cost.


That’s where we come in.


Even when Retail One looks pretty ordinary on the surface, it’s until you analyze its capacity that you can appreciate the value it provides.


First of all, Retail One is a certified retail erp designed by us – a world renown SAP Gold Partner – integrated into Sap Business One’s system, meaning that you will be incorporating one of the best management systems in the world into your company. Also, because all our add-ons are certified by SAP, you can be certain that we provide only high quality products and services.   


Because this system works with SAP Business One as its base, it’s possible to boost its capacity by powering it up with SAP Hana. This translates into a supercharged system allowing for immediate decisions based on real-time data.


Its distinctiveness doesn’t end there. Since there’s an automatized connection between Retail One and Business One (BO) the system will automatically generate an accounting entry when a sale is registered, being just one of many perks that you’ll notice due to the way the add-on is incorporated into BO.


There are still many points to be mentioned that prove the advantages of our solution, but the most important one is that by purchasing our retail erp you will have an outstanding team supporting you every step of the way.


So, call us today at +506 2258-48-97 and let’s work together to improve your business.


  • Cashiers
  • Shifts
  • Stores and profiles
  • Sales staff
  • System initialization
  • Documents numbering
  • Search settings
  • Formularies settings
  • User reports management
  • Data replication settings
  • Define foreign exchange values to use


  • Sales point
  • Sales offers
  • Clients payments advances
  • Clients invoices
  • Clients credit notes
  • Process credit and debit cards online


  • Outgoing merchandize
  • Incoming merchandize
  • Merchandize transfers
  • Items master data
  • Alternative codes for items


  • Reports and layouts management
  • Sales, clients, received payments and inventory reports


  • License management
  • System users
  • Users permits
  • Security customizations
  • Change password

Banking Management

  • Received payments
  • Outgoing payments

Client Management

  • Clients master data

• Completely integrated with SAP Business One.

• Business proccesses and transactions are 100% based on SBO.

• Allows users located in headquarters define, configure and control the entire company's specifications, as well as each sales point individually.

• Master data, marketing documents, stock operations and definitions replication.

• Autonomous store sales operations (off-line).

• POS centralized configuration and management.

• Quick and easy implementation in POS.

• Parameterized POS.

• Bar code functionality.

• And much more!