SAP Business One

ERP software for small and midsize businesses

reunion-de-negociosSAP Business One is a powerful, world class enterprise resource planning system (ERP) designed to manage small and medium enterprises (SMEs), like yours. 


But before moving on to details about this enterprise resource planning software, let’s take a moment to analyze your current business situation.


Right now how many resources is your company misusing in an average workday due to issues that should never take place?


Having an unexpected, almost impossible to predict problem which stagnates production is justifiable, but losing time over and over again just because an employee needs the approval of his boss - whom isn’t regularly in the office because he's in important meetings - in order to proceed with his job, is something that should have been solved the second time the situation took place.


The same goes for other common issues like irregularities in financial data because of poor communication between the sales and accounting departments, losing sales due to a lack of stock because the person in charge of placing the order wasn’t informed with time to place an order, as well as many other problems which happen frequently when they shouldn’t be happening at all.


Even though this sounds alarming, what’s more aggravating is that this translates into higher costs and less profits, maybe even red numbers or bankruptcy if you’re not careful.


The good news is that you can reverse the situation and take control of your company just by implementing the right erp software. Also, because most companies tend to ignore the importance of acquiring an erp, the moment you implement it you will gain an incredible advantage over your competition.


From the various erp solutions providers available, SAP is known to be the best, but most people consider its solutions to be only for large enterprises due to a monetary cost, fees that a small and midsize enterprise (SME) cannot afford. Fortunately, reality is different, as the reason for SAP Business One to exist is to provide small and midsize businesses the opportunity to benefit from using enterprise resource planning software without having to make an unreasonable investment.


What is SAP Business One and how can it help you?


SAP Business One is a powerful, moderate cost erp designed to help small and midsize businesses control their finances, inventory, sales, marketing, human resources, and other departments data in an integrated way.


Even if your business requires specific functionality that a generic solution doesn´t cover, you´ll be able to extend its functionality through one of our industry-specific add-ons. That way you´ll be able to manage all aspects of your business in a simple integrated way.


So what are you waiting for?


Call us now at and we’ll answer any remaining doubts and get you started with the process to implement SAP Business One in your business.

Finances and Accounting

  • Sales tax and VAT
  • Inventory and distribution
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Basic budget administration
  • Financial reports and statements
  • Bookkeeping and accounting entries
  • Payment processing and reconciliations
  • Banking and processing of bank statements
  • Basic cost accounting and monitoring project costs

Inventory and Distribution

  • Lot control
  • Serial number control
  • Selecting and packing
  • Inventory re-evaluation
  • Price list and special prices
  • Catalogs for consumers and retailers
  • Receive, release and move inventory
  • Inventory administration and consultations
  • Transfer inventory between multiple warehouses

Sales and Clients

  • Invoicing
  • Offers and sales orders
  • Service calls administration
  • Service contracts administration
  • Sales and opportunities forecast
  • Control opportunities and their progress

Purchases and Operations

  • List of materials
  • Production orders
  • Credit notes and invoices
  • Purchase orders and delivery
  • Receipts and products returned
  • Forecasts and planning for materials needed

Management and reports

  • User alerts
  • Drag and relate
  • Data files migration
  • Remote support platform
  • Completely integrated with Crystal Reports
  • Employees directory and times' management

• Maximize profits

• Increase productivity

• Reduce total cost of ownership

• Allows for a more informed decision making process