SAP Mobile

If you’re on the process of acquiring, or already have an ERP for your business, it’s because you understand the value of keeping things organized and under control in order to increase efficiency, income and reduce costs.


That’s also the reason for which you will not be able to ignore this mobile integration tool.


SAP mobile solution solves several problems that are quite common in many businesses.


It’s true that you might not want to be connected 24/7 with your business nor have pesky annoyances while taking vacations, but sometimes your team will have to contact you in a hurry to receive permission for certain decisions; in a similar fashion you will want your sales team to be able to access important business information at anyplace and anytime in case they need it for a pitch or when visiting a recurring customer. We all want and need our privacy, but taking advantage of modern technology is essential to maintain an optimal workflow; also, it’s way better to be able to approve or deny requests through the system instead of receiving calls or having you inbox flooded.


You know your business will benefit from this, so what are you waiting for?


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  • Tasks and activities management
  • Recieve alerts concerning important events
  • Flexible technology that allows the inclusion of personalized functions
  • Manage clients and sales team key data in real time
  • Inventory monitoring and intuitive detailed navigation of data per article
  • Access reports generated by SAP Crystal Reports - integrated and modified for mobile devices
  • Manage tasks that require your approval while visualizing related business data for that event