Welcome to our site's news section

Welcome to our site’s news section!


At Software and Consulting Group (SCG) we want to provide you with the best solutions and services, and that´s why we´ll be offering you this and the education sections of our website.


We strive to help your business by offering you great products at amazing prices, as well as providing you with the best consulting and post-implementation services to maximize your enterprise´s potential; but we want to become more than just your software provider of choice, we want to continue helping you grow your business by delivering important knowledge that shall allow you to maintain a competitive advantage in your industry.


In order to achieve this, our blog will focus on providing you with important news regarding our business, SAP or important events that take place and can affect businesses in Costa Rica, Chile, Nicaragua or worldwide – we mainly operate in these countries, so most of our customers are interested in news from these places, but we also provide several solutions worldwide.


Meanwhile, in the education section we shall be covering all topics that help you understand our and, SAP´s software, as well as other business topics which can help you improve your business.


Although updates will usually occur in an established frequency, in certain cases posts will be published during other periods of time to communicate important news or upcoming events.


We hope to continue providing value to your business through our services and, if you have any comments, feedback or questions, please contact us through our form or one of our social media pages.